This is the level "Mushroom Cave 2" of the hack "Toad's World" by Ice Man, and the first of four levels I created for his hack, all of them for the third world.

Here, I was mostly trying to create a cave that appears bigger and more complex than it actually is, usually giving the player a bit freedom of how to proceed. In addition to that, I wanted to introduce the player to "limited swimming" in water. Back when I created the level, the hack had a status bar which featured an air meter in every level. However it didn't had any purpose in the first two worlds of the hack so I though it was about time to show the player what this is about. It also served as some sort of preparation for the next level coming after that, which would be an underwater stage.



This is the third stage of the third world in "Toad's World" by Ice Man, and the second stage I created for the hack. This one is an underwater stage. Similar to the underwater areas in Sonic The Hedgehog-stages Toad needs air bubbles to survive this.
(You might notice there's a glitch near the beginning of the second half of the level in which the air meter glitches out a bit, jumping from 5 to 3 to 1, which makes the level much harder. However, this isn't the newest version of the hack I'm playing, so it might be fixed in the latest version of the hack (which is v2.0b if I'm not mistaken.)



This is the fourth stage of the third world in "Toad's World" by Ice Man, and the third stage I created for the hack.
Unlike the last two videos (Mushroom Cave 2, Bubble Trouble) I go back "to the beginning" this time, as I show the hack in the state it was when I created the levels for it, so some details might differ. The reason I switch back to this state for this video is because of a level design change Ice Man did later on, so I wanted to show what I had in mind originally. The difference however, isn't really that big, so chances are if you played the completed game you won't even notice it.



This is the fifth stage of the third world in "Toad's World" by Ice Man, and the fourth and last stage I created for the hack.
Like on the video for "Mushroomania" I decided to record the level I intended. If you're familiar with Toad's World, you might remember this level differently. The ice physics aren't there anymore, instead they got replaced by a spotlight. Well, it's not that I don't like the gimmick Ice Man used there, but the level design wasn't really made for this. When I first played the final version I died a lot of times because I jumped into pits all the time. Thanks to all the darkness you can hardly see where to go and that clearly wasn't my intention. My intention was simply to create an athletic ice level, and I thought mixing ice physics with all these moving platforms could be fun.