Super Mario World - The Second Reality Project 2 -
Zycloboo's Challenge:




Original Version 2006


Remake 2014


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Download TSRP2 (Original Version) (2006)
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Difficulty Level: Easy -> Hard
Number of Stages: 91 (2006) / 87 (2014)
Number of Exits: 109 (2006) / 112 (2014)
Hack Status: 100% Complete
Original Game: Super Mario World (SNES)




A One-Eyed Big Boo called Zycloboo wants to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom, and like Bowser in "The Second Reality Project 1" he wants to use the power source from another dimension called the Second Reality to get to his goal. To get Mario out of sight (or maybe for some other reasons?) he warps Mario and his Castle in the Second Reality. Mario's only chance to stop Zycloboo is to find the Power Supply station, which can give him the power he needs for the task - or at least that's what Zycloboo told him, heeheehee!




Background information:
This is the sequel to the "Second Reality Project", which is something different from the first part. This game features new GFX, some new custom blocks and custom sprites, a new overworld map and different music. I started this SMW-hack a short time after finishing the first Hack, back in 2002. During the hacking of "The Second Reality Project 1" I never really understand how to edit the overworld or the original graphics - but as I started with the sequel I really wanted something new, so I tried to get into it. For now, the game contains a lot of ripped GFX from other games like "Super Mario Land 2 & 3", "Sonic 1 & 2", "Alfred Chicken" and much more. Back in 2002 it was really special to have a hack with custom GFX, because it wasn't that easy as today to hack all this stuff. If I remember right, this hack was the first hack ever with 3D-ish looking GFX. ;) Today, it's different, of course, there are a lot of other SMW-hacks out there, which contains also great new GFX. In the remake of the hack I tried to match the style and overall quality of "The Second Reality Project Reloaded".







First Place:

Best Super Mario World-Hack
(First Annual Hacker Awards 2002, by TEKhacks)



Second Place:

Best Changed Graphics
(First Annual Hacker Awards 2002, by TEKhacks)



First Place:

Best Changed Graphics
(Second Annual Hacker Awards 2003, by TEKhacks)