Super Mario World - The Second Reality Project (Reloaded):




Original Version 2002


Remake 2008


"The Second Reality Project" was my first completed Super Mario World-Romhack. The original complete hack was created 2002, while the slightly easier version came out 2004. By now, a remake of this hack - called "The Second Reality Project Reloaded" has been released which is superior to the original in every aspect so you might want to start with the remake. Here you can download the patch:

Download TSRPR (The Remake) (2008)
Download Mirror

Download TSRP (Original Hack, Hard Version) (2002)
Download TSRP (Original Hack, Easy Version) (2004)

Difficulty Level: Easy -> Hard
Hack Status: 100% done
Original Game: Super Mario World (SNES)




Bowser is back again, more powerful than times ago:
He found a power source which let him rebuilt his Airship Fleet. Soon he plans on attacking the Mushroom Kingdom one time more! It's up to Mario to stop him!




Background information:
So, what's this all about? "The Second Reality Project Reloaded" is not another new entry in the TSRP-series, it's a remake of the first part. The hack finally features a new overworld (people requested this for years) and of course, custom graphics and custom music. Besides that, not much have changed, most of the time the level design is the same as before. So, keep in mind that the original hack came out back in 2002, and back in the days you don't had the possibility to insert custom sprites, dozens of ASM-hacks and so on. So please don't expect anything groundbreaking here, it's still the same thing as it was before: a hack which is about level design and nothing else. But with that said, chances are if you enjoyed the original hack, you will love the remake for sure!